2017-03-01 10:44:16 by sufi

Hey guys!

From now on, I will probably upload only 8-bit soundtracks. I really like doing them.


2015-10-26 06:12:12 by sufi

Hey there!

I'm a little annoyed, because Geometry Dash keeps saying "Failed to fetch song info" while trying to download my songs. If you have a solution in mind, contact me ASAP!


Game or Movie?

2015-09-19 15:34:55 by sufi

Hello, People from Newgrounds.

As you know, i'm Sufi. Well, i've been considering that from many time, should i firstly make a game and upload it here OR make a movie instead? I'm so confused.

  1. Anyways, i wan't to make a movie, because this will be easier.
  2. But, making a game will be funnier.

Please answer what should i do?